Italian design 

The concept of Industrial design was born in Italy between the first and second world wars with the foundation of the Biennale di Monza in 1930 and the Triennale of Milan in 1933.

The first prototype of industrial design was an electro-grid made by a project responsible for the Triennial. During the same period, the first helicopters were produced, and two new routines, an engineer linked to the growth of consumption, and a more architecturally related design phase are being launched. After the Second World War, mass production has increased and the populations are beginning to become familiar with industrialization due to the marketing of series furniture items.

In 1950, industrial designers and artisans began to focus on finding a match between shape and function based on the current "good design", a factor that will be criticized by some designers starting in 1960. More than the current itself will be criticized the use of the expression "good design", too elusive to describe the relationship between shape, appearance, sensory element, weight, volume, and function of an object.

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